The goald for this course are;   

- Provides experiences to allow for a greater respect for driving on slippery/icy roads, this inkludes real life situational training to improve critical driving skills.

- Being able to maneuver one's own vehicle in order to avoid accidents should a critical situation occur.

- Getting to know the vehicle's electronic devises and how these work.

As one of its goald, The Norwegian Automobile Associtation (NAF) wants to reduce the number of traffic accidents by creating a safer drivng environment. Our courses in road safety and winter driving are an important part of this work. The courses are held at NAF's practice facility area in Bue, Bjerkreim.

Here the participants can, in a safe and controlled environment, experience what happens when driving on slippery/treacherous conditions, how to regain road grip and control of the car.

We consider our courses as an important part in any business' health and safety plans and injury prevention work. In addition to the emotional strain on the families involved and the injured, it can lead to servere consequences for the business if employees are injured or killed.

Our courses are three hours long and start with a short theoretical introduction. The participants will thereafter be diveded into two groups and will go through a series of set exercies including braking exercises, emergency maneuvering, emergency braking and skidding exercises. The courses normally start at 6:00 PM/18.00. Should another time suit the business better, this can be arranged. We can offer courses both in Norwegian and English.

The communication between the instructor and the driver will happen via walkie-talkie (portable two-way radio) or by stopping the car to discuss a matter. Thereby we will be able to utilize our time better, andt the participants will have more time for practical exercises. For the participants to have an optimal outcome from the courses, we have a set limit of ten cars per course. We also recommend that there is only one participant per car. All cars/vans may be used. It is also optional whether the car is equipped with summer-tires, unstudded winter-tires or studded winter-tires. We ask the participants to remove roof boxes and roof racks before arriving at the training facilities.

We have included in the program a tour of our traffic-safety hall. Here the participants will be able to try a crash-test simulator, be shown how to correctly adjus the headrest, how to correctly secure children in the car, as well as how to safely secure cargo inside the car or trailer etc.

Our instrucotor have had many years of expericence in running these courses for businesses and organizations in southern Rogaland.

The courses are run in the evening from October through March. Please make an appointment to arrange our course time.

We hope you will find this information of interest. For more information please contact us: phonenumber 48 95 64 78/


NAF Glattkjøring Bue (NGB)